13th International Advanced Wrist Symposium 2019


The 13th International Advanced Wrist Symposium provides a forum for discussing the challenges of treating acute and chronic disorders around the wrist. We are proud to present renowned international experts in wrist surgery, 4D-CT imaging and spiral therapy.

Topics day 1 – 08 April 2019:
Distal radius fracture | Dru-joint and TFCC-disorders | Salvage procedures
Evening reception: Join us for dinner in Restaurant Hotel Innsbruck

Topics day 2 – 09 April 2019:
Salvage procedures | Carpal disorders | Osteoarthritis | Workshop Spiral Therapy

Symposium language is English.
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Course Venue
University Hospital Innsbruck, Lecture Hall „MZA – Medizinzentrum Anichstraße“
Anichstr. 35, 6020 Innsbruck, Austria

If you have any questions please contact our course office!
E-mail: lki.un.event@tirol-kliniken.at, phone: +43-681-81 30 2429